Lawsuit Mediation Tuttle Click Dodge

My Story… On January 25, 2007 an employee of Tuttle Click Dodge took my 2004 Viper (1500 miles) out for a joyride around the block. This 19 year old male decided to put the convertible top down because it was a very nice day for a joyride. What he didn’t think about was the Lexus sitting next to him at a street light. I can just imagine what was going through their minds. (I can beat him). What the employee of Tuttle Click didn’t realize was that he was destroying someone elses property…their prize possession. He fishtailed right into the back of a full size pickup truck and pushed the truck over 40 feet (with the breaks firmly pressed). He not only destoryed my Viper but also involved an innocent person. WHAT WAS HE THINKING!!!!!

So that is where Tuttle Click could have done what was right or wrong. I guess this car dealership took the later. They wanted everything to go through their insurance company – HARCO National Insurance. What they should have done was to give me the keys to the Viper they had in their showroom and they could have the keys to my totalled red Dodge Viper that they destroyed and would never be the same. It would never be how I had it before I took it in to their service department for a simple oil change. Tuttle Click should have dealt with their own insurance company. Well…HARCO wanted to only give me the blue book value. What a joke. I guess I had to take Tuttle Click (Holmes Tuttle, Inc.) to court. After 11 months of getting nothing done, the insurance company wanted to try mediation and I accepted. So on December 28, 2007 we all met for mediation. Holmes Tuttle, Inc. had their Assistant Service Manager represent them; their lawfirm Prenovost, Normandin, Bergh & Dawe; and someone from Continental Insurance. So, with my lawyer and a retired judge we all sat down in two rooms. The Judge asked what were the options and asked if getting a new Viper would be one of them. I said sure, as long as I didn’t have to pay one penny! After an hour of the Judge going back and forth, the last deal that I made was the 2006 Dodge Viper in their showroom (the same one Tuttle Click had in their showroom when they wrecked my Viper). The Judge came back with an offer from Tuttle Click. I couldn’t believe it, but then again this is not a normal car dealership. The Judge said that he felt like a used car salesman. He said that for an extra $3,378.61 and the insurance money for my wrecked vehicle I could have the Blue 2006 Dodge Viper that was in their showroom. I was in shock, upset and couldn’t believe it. This dealership was unbelievable…and not in a good way! I told the Judge that they could go to hell and give me the insurance money and that I would keep my website: TUTTLECLICKWRECKEDMYDODGEVIPER.COM . They could keep the car that they couldn’t even sell and has been there since at least January 2007. I felt a sigh of relief because the lawsuit and mediation was finally over. Yes, I did lose in this deal, but I wasn’t going to give Tuttle Click any money from my pocket. Later that night Ahmad Soleman, General Manager of Tuttle Click Tustin Chryslyer Jeep Dodge called my home and left a message that I could have the car for no extra money. Like I said before UNBELIEVABLE! They also contacted my lawfirm and told them of their latest and greatest deal. I just laughed and said that I would stick with my original decision and take the money. I will never purchase another Dodge or Chrysler vehicle again because of how I was treated by Tuttle Click.

Dodge Viper Crash

So, I take my car in for a simple oil change and this is what I get back when I arrive to pick up my car. DonĀ“t worry, we can fix it.

Tuttle Click Dodge

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